Sitting on the backside seat, it seems that every trip is safe for a baby, but according to a recent study, parents should not travel more than 30 minutes with a baby sitting and tied to the special seat .

Specialists add that long babys travel can be dangerous as newborns do not have enough strong neck muscles to hold their head while the car is in motion. Driving from the car, bends and maneuvers can affect the breathing process to the worst.

For this study, researchers have used a simulator to imitate babies on the back seat by measuring heart rate and oxygen levels in the bloodstream. They discovered that after an hour in the country, oxygen in their blood falls and heartbeats grow up warning the body for a dangerous sale.

While resident workers say that children may sit seated for up to two hours, the doctors say that you should keep your baby in the car for only 30 minutes. They also advise someone to sit next to the baby to monitor their breathing, and avoid long journeys together.