Are you thinking about holidays and do not know where to go with your toddler? Here are some tips for choosing a destination and a convenient means of transport

In the sea

In addition to the risk of sunburn and dehydration (they are indispensable: sun cream, water, umbrellas, hat and sunglasses!), Sea air is invigorating for children, especially if they suffer from eczema. Careful, the climate can make the kids feel nervous for a few months, which for some days will have sleep problems. We advise you to go on holiday on the beach only once until your child knows how to sit, because it will be easier to avoid the annoyance caused by the sand, and remember: if the child is under 6 months, an hour a day the beach, will be enough.

In Mountain

If you prefer the mountain, do not climb too high, beyond 1500 meters above sea level, the child is likely to be caused by a “barotraumatic otitis” – ear disease caused by unexpected air pressure changes during attachments or descent very fast. Do not take a cable car or other climbing equipment and always do a piece of time off to adjust when changing altitude. Take a walking stroller or an alpine bag that keeps the baby with a strong backpack. In winter, remember that the baby’s body temperature drops quickly. In summer, wear appropriate child boots, especially if you have started taking the first steps. Mountain air is good for children, but do not forget that even there the sun beats hard!