Rain droplets in roses and cocoon mustaches do not have the benefit of planning a trip or spending time with friends when it comes to setting long-term happiness.

It is universally known that items are not as effective as experiences when trying to create a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Those who aim to make a year full of happiness in 2019 would be advising you to plan this year for a deeper goal.

Scientists of human behavior have repeatedly shown that individual happiness is linked to the happiness of those around us. Getting on vacation with friends and family (when everyone is in good spirits) can do wonders for deepening ties. Book a family vacation or a getaway with friends to feel how happiness grows.

However, sometimes the opposite can come true and getting acquainted with the unknown can enhance the pleasure of life. Travelers who want to meet new people can book a group trip for themselves as an easy way to make new friends while traveling. Some people even report that they have found romance on these trips.

Mastering a new capability is also an effective way to increase long-term happiness (though it may be frustrating during the process). Consider an inclusive trip to learning a new language, an adventurous journey to master diving or a science-based excursion to help field research.

Psychologists believe that volunteering can help a person feel more satisfied with life. Aristotle also said that the essence of life is “to serve others and to do good.” Travelers who want to explore a new part of the world while backing up can register for a volunteer trip, build homes for people, help in schools or spend time in centers for the elderly.