For centuries, superstitious people have described some really lucky objects / places.

American Guide Fodors rank ten lucky countries … In Italy there are two such, one in Milan and another in Florence – mentioned in all the tourist guides, for which visitors hold long queues.


1, One of them is in the famous Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele II, in the center of Milan. On the floor, on the left side of the gallery, is a mosaic – bull, which is said to be touched by luck.

2, The statue of Porcellino (Piggy) is located in Florence. You have to enter a coin in the mouth of Porcellino, because it is said to bring luck and come back to Florence.

3, In Europe there are a lot of cheating places. In Istanbul, for example, within the Basilica of St. Sophia, there is a “crying” column, known as the St. Gregory Column. It is said that his tears do miracles and heal the sick. Visitors put their finger in one of its cracks, and if the finger is wet, it will heal.

4.Nuremberg, in Germany, is famous for Schöner Brunnen, which is a beautiful fountain in the historic center of the city. In it there is a golden ring, which is like a talisman: you have to rotate it three times.

5. In Brussels, the rugged place is the Everard ‘s Serclae Statue, which is located on a side street near Grand’ Place. The relief images, or else the dog and the angel, have been consumed by thousands of hands that affect them every day.

6. In Paris, there are many tourists visiting the Père Lachaise cemetery, where some of the most famous personalities, from Jim Morrison and Edith Piaff to Oscar Wilde, lie. But one of them is said to be lucky: Victor Noir’s tomb, a character who became more famous after death than when he was alive. There are many women who visit his tomb. It is said that kissing her on the lips, touching her in pants, and putting a flower in her hat stimulates fertility in women and can find a man within a year.

7. In Cork County, south of Ireland, you should visit Blarney Castle. According to legend, there is a rock in the castle, which is said to be a miracle if you kiss her. But this is not simple: you have to climb a staircase and lie down as an abyss.