As soon as you see the city of Vienna you immediately realize why it is crowned as the best city to live. Perhaps it is her greatness, the way it is organized, the silence and the smile that people have, the finishing art everywhere, the greenery and the air of this city that make you know another dimension of yourself as in no other country. Generally tourist cities are dynamic and not rarely noisy, but not Vienna.

The first thing to impress in this city is tranquility and quite naturally without understanding you find yourself talking to a lower tone than usual and make sure that the water bottle or chocolate container is thrown into a garbage bin and not anywhere . This is the first spell of this aristocratic and elite city to impress the infinite green parks of flowers and art, centuries-old castles, museums, galleries and old buildings. A city known for its old charm but today fascinates beauty. Vienna’s largest Boulevard, Ringstrasse is one of the most admired places in this city. There’s plenty to see here, the City Park, the State Opera, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural History, Parliament, City Hall, Burg Theater and the Votive Church. Impressive architecture, artwork will make you feel like contemplating a living museum that time has not only hurt but has given it great value. It is not called if you were in Vienna if you did not visit the former imperial residence, the Schonbrun Palace.

You will see that this palace is not just an imperial mansion, but a place where endless festivals have unfolded, where famous artists from different ages have created environments of rare beauty. All the rooms of the palace have a history, history of events that are identifying a world-wide atmosphere of the imperial era. Entering these environments will touch close all the delicacies that have marked this period. The city center has a lot to see The Habsburg Winter Residence, Hofburg, will leave without a glimpse of its majesty. Horse carriages will draw attention to the “K√§rtner” street, and you can see part of the city just as the Viennese aristocracy used to do. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a pilgrimage site that will make it difficult to divide. If you are going to Vienna, you will also need an elegant outfit. In the evening you can enjoy a performance at the State Opera and have to be prepared.

One of Europe’s most idyllic cities is Budapest and as such should definitely be visited. This is the right place to relax. Attending one of the places with thermal waters is one of the things to do if you are in the capital of Hungary. It will not take long to see the most significant places in this city: the Millennium Memorandum, the Andrasi Street, the Opera House, the Parliament Building, the Buddha Castle, and the Matias Church, the former Royal Palace and the Bastion of Fisherman. Returning home will be with so many sweet and beautiful memories that will add to your desire for the next trip.