The southernmost point of the Norwegian coast will be the home of the first underwater restaurant in Europe and it seems to bring a wave of apocalyptic energy. Sketched out by Snøhetta’s design firm and architecture, the restaurant called “Under” will also feature a dual feature as the center of search for marine life.
“Half immersed in the sea, the monolithic shape of the building breaks the surface of the water to lie on the shore,” says Snøhetta’s site. More than one aquarium, the structure will become part of its marine environment, fading straight into the seabed five feet below the water surface. Researchers after the construction of the restaurant are working to ensure that fish and shellfish will not be adversely affected by the structure.


“Under” will accommodate 80 to 100 guests, who will enter the restaurant from the bottom of the shore and then walk down under the water. (The restaurant champagne bar will also mark the crossing between the coast and the ocean).”The dinner hall is immersed in dark blue and green hues, inspired by the sea bed, the algae and the wildest sea,” the website writes. “The warm oak interior of the restaurant contrasts with the rough concrete carpet, creating an intimate atmosphere. Materials are chosen not only for aesthetic qualities but also for environmental characteristics and the ability to create a good climate inside. ”

“Under” can be the first underwater restaurant in Europe, but not the first in the world. In fact, underwater seams have become very trendy. At the Aqua Niyama resort, in Maldives, you can dine in an impressive underwater restaurant offering panoramic views of more than 90 species of coral and aquatic life. While food details have not yet been discovered, I think that life will be a menu of seafood. The restaurant is scheduled to open in 2019.