Cruising around Malaysia with a mini car, economical, full of fuel which costed only 0.40 cents, passing through the tropical jungle we arrive on Pulau Pining Island, the Petang region. The island connects two bridges and one is linked to the famous town of George Town.

Time for beach is not one of the best but those 2-3 hours of sunshine have done their job. Almost all hotels are  with private beaches. All of them offer sea view. I will stay some days here, then will hit the road to another destination. Port Dickson 🙂

Here the resorts are luxurious. Luxurious even if it costs 20 Euros. They offer all the feature that a hotel might have, but if they did not offer, they would not impress me. In the middle of the jungle you do not need hair dryer to iron or iron to iron clothes. You really feel wild in the full sense of the word. Come naturally to walking barefoot, to rub the fruit with your hands, to stay around the day with the bathroom clothes. Hair with sea salt, body with his smell …

I want to sleep. Temperature got higher and higher, rain begins suddenly, some of the temperature change. Outside 35 degrees C while inside the resort grounds make it as cool as you are on the north pole that you need to wear long sleeves. Meanwhile the locals don’t mind the temperature change. Very surprising.

I leave you with the next photos while I’m closing the suitcases to move to another town.