Here I am to talk to you about the new horizons I visited the last days. The idea was actually going to Geneva. After arriving there we visited the surrounding areas that belonged to Switzerland and France. And as I always say that the most beautiful part of a town is a village and this time I did not disappoint.

The first stop was straight to Geneva to visit the majestic city. The way of the luxurious banks, the lake promenade area and especially the historical part of the old town was what made me more for myself. The Saint Pierre Cathedral was a oasis of peace.

To continue the journey to Luzana in the small town of Noyn where the view from the fields was spectacular and the city offered a relaxing ambiance with its improvised beach.

Luzana is more beautiful than what it is, a magnificent city such as the new part of the city and the historic part. I suggest a boat ride to the lake to get the city unfolded and admire from another angle.

After finishing with the Swiss part it was time to visit the surrounding French villages that I was looking forward to. On the Internet before I left I had read that the small town “Annecy” was suggesting, 20 km from the Swiss border. A place to say that it exists, until you see it with your eyes you do not believe it is real. The lake’s blue with the colors of surrounding buildings combined so beautifully with the green of parks and vegetation around the lake and the canal to breath. See more photos to trust me for what I’m talking about.

After we spent the entire day in Annecy, we kept the trip to “Thonon les Bains” and accidentally we found ourselves in some pretty beautiful villages. One of them, “Yvoire” who just put my leg, realised it was fabulous, as if I got out of fairy tales with a knight and princess. A city full of flowers, medieval style, preserved to this day. A festive atmosphere by tourists made this place even more beloved. After we sat late, on one of the many taverns that restaurants offered it was time to visit every corner of it.

The road continues and in some other villages I neither remember the name I saw so much but above all I was enjoying the pure nature that only the French villages offer. There is a magic thing about the French landscapes that no one else has. To stop at the first locally-located, search for only rosé, “pain, beurre et fromage” butter and cheese in the light of water is better than a Michelin star dinner. Laying in the green fields or between wheat is the best therapy that no aesthetic center can offer.

A dessert made at home by an elderly lady, where salty butter feels on every bite. Perhaps the happiness we all seek. So this is the next 5 days tour with the last ban on the White Mountain enjoying the local food and the clean air that this area offers.

I leave you with the picture gallery and hopefully have pleased you and some of you with my photos and stories.

See you in new horizons 🙂