You laugh at this title but laugh, and I am from the other side of the world where the wind of Autan Tropical is accompanying my days. Covers every pleasant smell around. My perfume, body cream, smell of hair, mixed with the hair shampoo and dominates it, and whenever I pass close to people it seems to me that they close the nose with the terrible smell that I carry with me. All this for fear of malaria, lament, jaundice, and hundreds of other tropical diseases.

I am in Malacca, a small Malaysian town with many tourists. The Tannin Autan’s dose is increased as in the river Malaka the town passes through, and the mosquitoes here are so much that I think it stays like an aureole over my head.

Malacca is Uneskos’ fortune for the typical stint he has maintained up to nowadays and colonial from the time of the English invasion. I could not visit it.

On the night at Jonker Walk is organized the typical night market of Asian countries and the variety of colors, foods, people, mosquitoes is abundant.

Roundup with typical country carts and fancy ones with TV characters, anime, manga and various cartoons. Dominates Olaf and Doraimon. My favorite?! Naturally Hello Kitty ???? . Music is deafening but it looks like you are in the middle of a new year’s tree.

A city that impresses here has stopped the weather or looks like you’ve been transporting years back or the city has come out of a movie with English invaders.

The humidity toughness and the freshness we found at Hard Rock Cafe was delicious for such a place. Live music, tourists and comfort food for us who have traveled all day are not eaten.

I leave you with some photos of the place