Going on a vacation is FANTASTIC! Getting the luggage … well, not so.

There is always one thing you’ve forgotten, some that (as you know later) do not go to work at all, the country never learns everything. Permanent dilemmas – blue or pink dress, red or yellow slippers, two pairs of swimsuits or three pairs of swimsuits – do their job and here you are, the evening before departure, with the bags open on the floor (as hard as you can place to pass) and the bed covered with clothes. Before the stress has picked you up on the emotions of vacationing, read the advice of the packaging experts. Maybe they do not offer solutions to any situation, but for a good part of them, yes. Anyway, the suitcases you always have to get ready!

Rule No.1: If you can not lift your bag or suitcase, you have taken more than you should!

-Initially, make a list of things that you will take with you, which you can prepare the day before, so you will have time to review or make the latest purchases.

-First, get the bigger ones and then the smaller ones
-Use the organizer bags or the toilet

If you travel with a friend with whom you will share the room, some things you do not need to take both sides
In the same case, evaluate the possibility of placing half the things of one person in the other person’s bag. Thus, you are also protected from the loss of any luggage

Always leave little space for souvenirs, or similar things, that you may have in return

If you have to take shoes with you, put each pair on your own, in a shoe bag, or something that you find easier at home. Then, you can also join them with the help of a rubber bud (money)

Shoes or sandals are usually the most difficult due to their shape or size, so always take good care of them before you take them;

You really need it all ?!

Use the space inside the shoe or athlete to insert different trivia, easily damaged items, etc., which should, however, be wrapped in advance.
Always wear shoes, shoes or sandals, if you can, that you occupy more space in the purse.
Things you may need along the way, eg. hats, shawls, rain umbrellas, sweatshirts, etc., always put in a pocket that is easily accessible.

If you have children and are grown enough, learn the pleasure and responsibility of traveling. This means “purse with you” for them as well. To be filled and raised. The same applies to the rule of weight: if you do not close or raise it easily, some toys should be removed. However, the weight of their bags should not exceed 10% of the body weight.

Wheelchairs are a brilliant but not always suitable invention.

The way of packing liquid items (shampoos, balsam, various creams, etc.) is also important. In this case some smaller bottles would choose a lot of work. After all, you do not need a full bottle of shampoo for 10 days off. So either jump into smaller bottles, or buy the travel version!


Bon Voyage!