Here’s 9 secrets for organizing your vacation without getting much money from your savings!

Choose the best offer
For this you have to be flexible in your projects. Since there are many destinations that seek to provide their clientele, it is difficult to know which of them offers the best prices, so be open to different opportunities and keep in mind that spontaneity in the destination selection is sometimes half your vacation pleasure.

Prepare all the documents in advance
Even if you have not yet decided on where to go, make a pre-requisite for your passport or visa. If you do not want to pay the supplementary amount required for urgent requests, it is good to think at least one month before your trip.

Determine a realistic financial objective
You are more likely to have a dream vacation if you leave it on the sidelines. Otherwise, specify as much as possible the amount you think you spend on holidays. This will make you feel relaxed when selecting your destination and making the necessary reservations.

Determine the type of vacation that interests you
Do you prefer to spend the days at the beach sand or to visit as many tourist spots as possible? It’s best to specify the type of vacation you like beforehand. Here are three such:

Go against the power
Touristic destinations at peak times have maximum prices, while a trip to Paris or to another major European city in August may cost much less than at any other time of the year. Citizens abandon these cities during the summer holiday period. It should be noted that during this period it is easier to participate in a number of activities.

Take the plane in the middle of the week
You can save hundreds of euros simply by changing one day or several days of your departure. The best rates are generally offered in midweek. But you can also save in case you buy some airline tickets before departure.

Small extra services
Before making the booking, do not forget to compare the extra services offered by the hotels. When arriving at the hotel, ask reception if they have special services that may facilitate your stay.

Consider the percentage of money change
A given offer may seem brilliant at first glance, but think about how much it may cost you to eat or to shave during your stay. Then think about whether with your money you would benefit less than in another destination. In choosing the destination, you should consider the changes in the exchange rate of money.

To find the destination of interest, see resources on the Internet
See the network locations. Social networks such as Twitter or Facebook are also a wealth of information tools