If one day you decide to visit the small island of Malta with the walls of the castle, the color of which is beautifully smeared with the sea in the nuances of emerald, you will have plenty to watch and enjoy. This little gem lies in the heart of the Mediterranean, very close to the neighboring Italy (95 km from Sicily) and Tunisia. Between many countries, Malta is a conglomerate of cultures. One of its features is that it does not understand where it ends and where one city starts from the other. With buildings of a unique style similar to the windows of the city of Berat, Malta, remains a place to be discovered. Often, you think that small areas are easier to explore and “to embed the flag”. But Malta offers you more than that.

As soon as you think you’ve uncovered everything, you realize that in fact, you have not seen anything. A place of surprises, of the variety of times, of cultures (Arabic, Italian and English), but above all, of natural beauty. One of the first things to do is to visit what is now known as the “quiet city” Medina, the old town with about 300 inhabitants, located 30 minutes away from La Valletta (the capital of Malta). It’s one of the most attractive places to do, because doing a walk on it seems like you’re back in time. Here you will enjoy the pottery shops in all possible forms.

When I first said that Malta remains the place of surprises, I had a small village inside a suicide that contained a movie story and a symbol of children, the “spinach hero”. Eh, who of us does not know the cartoon “Popeye” and his famous muscles, characters like Olivian, Bluto and Polton? But very little is known about the real-life movie, where the protagonist is Robin Williams, was conducted in Malta, in its northwestern part, in a small village built by the sea, with several small colorful houses. The look from above looks surprising. You think you’re in a shooting square, where sequences of another era are being filmed. But, in fact, the village was built for a specific purpose: here were realized the famous scenes of “Popeye” and his fighting with pirates landing in the village by the sea. Built by two of the biggest film companies, “Walt Disney” and “Paramount Picture”, Hollywood actor Robin Williams started to get involved.

Already, this small village has not lost its magic, but has become a tourist destination, where are still present the outfits of that time, the small museum with the objects used in the movie set, the bars and restaurants for visitors, souvenir shops, small golf courses, etc. One must not leave without feeling the feeling and the emotions to become the protagonist of a cinematic “chakra”. The organizers of this tourist village will transform you into famous movie characters. All this pleasant adventure takes about 45 minutes, but remains a special memory. Feel for a moment baby, it’s beautiful!
Seti costs 30 euros, but after 45 minutes you will have a CD where the protagonists of “Popeye” will be you yourself, as well as 2-3 photos in the village premises (included in the price). During his two-hour stay in this village, in his museum section, we learned that more than seven months of work and 165 workers were involved in the construction and construction of 19 small lodges. In fact, Malta itself is a cinematic set. Its beauties and characteristic castles have been selected by many well-known directors for filming the most famous war movies such as “The Gladiator”, “The Count of Monte Cristos” and “Troja”.


  1. If you enjoy the night life and want to have fun and remember another night, do not miss one of the most populated areas of Malta, Paceville (similar to our area of ​​Bllok), where youth and adrenaline will ‘keep you awake until the early hours of the day.
  2. Do not rent a car. The steering wheel on the opposite side (English wheel) will always mislead you and will not allow you to focus on enjoying the place. If you do not stay for many days on the island, better use urban lines that are frequent and comfortable.
  3. Do not leave without testing the favorite maltese fenkata dish, a rabbit-based food. You find it in every restaurant menu.
  4. One day dedicate to Gozo Island to learn more about its history and beauty.
  5. Visit the “San Giovani” Cathedral in La Valletta to see Karavaca paintings.
  6. Things you should know about Malta:
    – Since 2008 the currency in circulation is the euro.
    – There are no prefixes in Malta.
    – The official languages ​​are Maltese and English.


To reach the village of the powerful winged hero you have two options:
1. Take bus 645 from Melleiha Bay and then bus line 441, which within 10 minutes will take you to the right destination.
2. Use the same urban line, but track it
walking a part of the road, enjoying the fantastic panorama that the island offers.