The color it finds only in tropical paradises but also fun, excursions, diving, shopping, international restaurants and night life. Beyond the sombreros and tekilas, followed by the ghost of Frida Calho, in the discovery of Playa del Carmen …

Going down the stairs of a plane on a winter day in the face to crash a warm breeze is one of the most unusual feelings I have tried. It looks like you’ve been riding in a time machine, which, by the way, draws you from the gloomy rain of Tirana in a summer evening gown. Even this late February, as I hurry out of the icy Lufthansa aircraft at Cancun airport, I remember this feeling felt three years ago on the Seychelles Islands. But here, Mexico, unlike the Indian Ocean Islands group, is a tourism, large, air-conditioned, air-conditioned car that does not let you know much about the winter-summer change. This is not the only change to the Caribbean paradise in the group of islands opposite: the more the car leaves the airport toward Playa del Carmen, the more you feel the feeling that you are in a “rich” country: no home village the lower part of the road, no barricades and about an hour south of the road, does not even see the sea on the left side of the road. In his place, the eye only occupies resort tables. As we have not chosen one, because rather than locking in a resort that offers only luxury and beach, we prefer villas or apartments for rent, where you can make the life of the country you’ve been to. But this time, for the first time, we do not have a private beach villa, surrounded by “civilization”, but a large duplex apartment, within a residence. We did not even rent a car because the house is located on a street that swarms from bars and restaurants, just two blocks from the sea and some beaches.


A Mexican Fifth Avenue

Quinta Avenida, in honor of its New York affiliate, The Fifth Avvenue, is built to become a strong economic and cultural junction, with the development of many shops, from endless souvenirs to shopping malls with most brands known. Around this pedestrian street, two blocks from the sea, there are various points to book excursions to historic or entertainment spots and hundreds of bars, nightlife and restaurants. In this way there are small hotels, boutiques, or hostels. Playa del Carmen is a city stretching along the Caribbean Sea, in Quintana Roo State. It is one of the most popular areas for tourism in eastern Mexico, due to its geographical position on the Riviera Maya, stretching from south to Cancun to Tulum. Originally a small fishing town, tourism in Playa del Carmen started with the transportation of tourists to the island of Cozumel, one of the world’s most famous scuba diving destinations. Playa del Carmen, recently has been developing fast with the construction of new residential quarters, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues. Plenty of beaches stretch along the shore. Several rows of chandeliers on the Mamitas beach, the most famous of the area, whose price goes to about two hundred pairs of couples (about $ 11), and then, up to the shore, the public space opens, where hundreds of people open their towels and groan their tents; even in the face of luxurious resorts, because in Mexico, water and sand are for everyone.

One stop at Cozumel

Some objects at sea, at the end of the horizon, the first day may look like crocodile ships. Then, when you see that they do not move, you realize that they are multi-storey buildings. When it comes to information, it learns that they are built on Cozumel Island, the largest island in front of the Hukatan Peninsula. Several ferry lines offer a trip from Playa del Carmen to the island
Cozumel, on a journey that lasts about half an hour with a $ 10 American ticket price. If it happens to you to be able to go there around 12:00 noon (as my wife and I thought) then loses the beach day, because in the western part of the island there are no beaches. They are located on the eastern side, where you need to go by taxi or motorbike rental. The island is about 40 miles long and 16 miles wide and can offer you many things
apart from beaches or diving and exploration in water. Visit to the capital San Miguel is a worthwhile experience. If you’ve left a Playa Del Carmen filled with tourists, here you really feel about a Caribbean island. With the exception of Mexican or Mexican food that accompanies frozen margins, the landscape and buildings make you forget to be in Mexico.

To Stay

The area with the most beautiful beaches is close to Cancun or Riviera Maya. Playa Del Carmen, Playa Paradiso, Tulum are the area with the most beautiful beaches. Accommodation starts from Hostel, B & B to luxury hotels and villas.